Swimming Gear

Here you will find descriptions, explanations and recommendations on all the latest swimming gear, equipment and accessories. Browse through the categories below to find what you are looking for. If you would like to leave a comment or share your experience about a certain product, please contact us. Your feedback is vital to this process.

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  • The Basics
  • Specialized Equipment
    • Kickboards
    • Pull Paddles and Pull Buoys
    • Fins
  • Technical Swimming Devices
    • Learn about the technical training devices and what they do.
  • Swimming Accessories
    • Lap Counters
    • Tempo Trainers
    • Heart-rate Monitors
    • and more...
  • Swimming Books and Videos
    • Read recommendations and reviews of swimming books and materials.
  • Pool Toys and Games
    • Why inflatable toys are a bad idea and other tips on how to make smart decisions about pool play toys and games.

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