Swimming Gear Recommendations

Not sure what kind of swimming gear you need to get started in your swimming activity? Below are some lists of our swimming gear recommendations for various types of aquatic activities, from Parent and Child classes to Water Aerobics and more.

Parent and Child Aquatics Classes

  • Swim diapers (if child is not potty trained)
  • Coast Guard Approved infant or child life jacket
  • Comfortable swim suits for parent and child
  • A few of the child’s favorite water toys
  • What NOT to bring:

  • Floaties or any kind of inflatable devices
  • Other people or things that will be distracting to the child
  • Swim suits that come with flotation pads built in
  • Optional:

  • A pair of child goggles if child is ready to explore underwater
  • A child size swim cap, if child is hesitant to emerge head underwater (caps can minimize shock from water temperature and make the child feel more secure)
  • Regular Swimming Lessons

  • Competitive practice swim suit
  • Swim cap (if hair will get in face)
  • Swim goggles (highly recommended to avoid “red eye”)
  • Fitness Swimming

  • Competitive practice swim suit
  • Swim cap
  • Competition-style swim goggles
  • Common Additions:

  • Kickboard
  • Pull paddles
  • Pull buoy
  • Small fins (aka Zoomers)
  • Water Aerobics

  • A comfortable swim suit…That’s it.
  • (Your own body can provide enough water resistance to get a good workout without any additional equipment)

    Common Additions:

  • Aqua jogger belt (to keep you afloat in deep water as you move or jog)
  • Water dumbbells or water gloves (for arm resistance)
  • Water ankle cuffs (for leg resistance)
  • These are some of the very basics, but there are many products available if you want to add more variety to your workout routine.

    Water Polo

  • A water polo suit
  • A water polo ball
  • A set of goals or home-made targets for practice shooting
  • A partner to practice with, or a whole team!
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