Spa and Hot Tub Safety Tips

Here are some spa and hot tub safety tips for staying swankily safe and comfy in the spa.

  • According to the National Spa and Pool Institute, the maximum safe water temperature is 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). Soaking too long at too high a temperature can raise your body temperature over safe limits.
  • Time spent in a spa should be limited to 15 minutes or less.
  • Never use a spa or hot tub when drinking alcohol.
  • Do not let children of any age use a spa unsupervised.
  • Do not allow anyone to play near the drain.
  • Children under 5 years of age should not use a spa. Young children are more prone to overheating because their bodies cannot regulate temperature well.
  • Pregnant women or people taking medications or who have a chronic medical condition, such as high or low blood pressure, heart disease, seizures or diabetes, should not use a spa or hot tub without their physician’s approval.
  • After using a spa, always wait at least 5 minutes before swimming. A sudden change in temperature can cause shock.
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