Swimming Lesson Options

We offer private and semi-private swimming lessons, but you may also split lessons if students are not at the same level:

Private lessons: Just you and the instructor. Ratio 1:1

Semi-private lessons: You can share a session with up to 4 people, as long as all students are at the same level. Ratio up to 1:4

Split lessons: 2 people can split the TIME of each lesson into 2 separate lessons of shorter times each. Ratio 1:1, but each lesson is significantly shorter. This would work if you have two students at different levels, but you are trying to save money.

For semi-private and split lessons, each student pays his or her percentage of the total lesson cost.

Don't know what your swim level is? Use our swimming skills checklist to find out!

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Private swimming lessons at home

Here are some real testimonials from past clients:

Christine writes,"I couldn't have asked for a better swim teacher for my son. My instructor was low-key, always positive and made my son feel comfortable even with his fear of the water. I recommend her highly.”

Sandy writes,“I was extremely pleased with the level of expertise by the instructor. My granddaughter is somewhat timid in the water and doesn't like to try new things. Our instructor was encouraging, knowledgeable and persistent. She got my granddaughter to try things I was amazed at. She is certainly an exceptional swimming instructor, especially for children.”

Shanna writes, “YourSwimmingSpace.com was great! They are very well prepared and professional! Well worth the money!”

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