The Do's and Don'ts of Pool Safety

By Scott H. of Crystal Clear Pools and Spas
Austin, Texas, USA

Swimming in a pool is one of the most fun things to do in the summer. With the sun beating down during all hours of the day, nothing is more refreshing than for a family to sit back, relax, and spend a day in their backyard water paradise.

Before you can lay out on your fun noodles and get your perfect summer tan, its important to understand some basic things about pool safety so that you can protect yourself, and your loved ones.

1. Be Alert with Children in the Pool

It goes without saying that you should watch children when they are in or near a pool or spa, but there are a few safety protocols that most don’t think about when it comes to children and pools. Pool drains, openings, and other pool piping can also prove to be hazardous to exploring children. It is not only important for you to understand the safety guidelines of your pool, but important for you to pass this information along to your children as well. Let the younger swimmers in your household know about pool levels, emergency ladders, pool temperature, and other important factors that can help to keep everyone safe and having fun at the pool.

2. Practice Water Safety

It is critical for pool safety that your entire family know how to properly swim when you are the owner of a pool. Children can learn to swim from an early age and can be taught such critical skills as CPR and general life saving strategies in the rare event of an emergency. It is important that not only you the parents be informed and able to practice water safety, but that your children be ready to help as well. A prepared family will always be safe and have more fun out on the water.

3. Use the Right Equipment

While having a beautiful pool is important to make a backyard stand out, it is also important to have the right equipment installed in and around your pool in order to best maintain your pool, and keep your family safe. Such features as a fence around your pool with a gate, a lockable safety pool cover, and pool gate alarms can help make your pool safer and easier to use. Even a small pool safety upgrade can make all the difference in protecting your pool from potential accidents and keep your family having more fun during the summer months.

Crystal Clear Pools & Spas has been installing pools for decades, and prides itself in creating and installing high quality pools in your backyard that not only look amazing, but are safe and cool you down in the hot summer months.

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