The Advantages of Hiring a
Private Lifeguard

Written by Katherine Ostrinski

Living in a place where the weather is agreeable for year-round swimming, having a pool is one of the best luxuries of a Southern Californian home. With that, it is very easy to have a pool party almost any time during the year, whether it be in the stifling heat of summer, or in the less-warm but still pleasant weather of fall and winter.

Having a swimming pool comes with its risks however. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 3,100 submersion related incidents that happened in home swimming pools for children under the age of five alone.

This is not including all of the children over the age of five who could not swim and weren’t wearing proper flotation gear, teenagers who were rough-housing in the pool and suffered some kind of injury from submersion or hitting the side of the pool, or even adults who could not swim as well under the influence of alcohol.

Although it sounds grim, the reality of possible pool-related injuries has taken a toll on many families across the United States.

Although there are many steps you can take to increasing the safety around your home swimming pool such as installing gates or cameras, there is still no telling what can happen if you are having a swimming-pool related event in your home.

This is where hiring a Private Lifeguard to watch over your guests as they enjoy your pool can become one of the best decisions you could make for your next pool party.

Just like at a public swimming pool, hiring a Private Lifeguard at your home would ensure security on your behalf, and safety for those that you have invited to your home.

Well-trained under the accredited American Red Cross Lifeguard program, Private Lifeguards know how to be aware and not only prevent accidents from happening, but what to do in case an accident does happen.

After hiring a Private Lifeguard to overlook your pool party, you can be comfortable knowing that you will not have to watch over yours guests’ every move because the Lifeguard will do it for you.

You don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do if a child has swallowed too much water, a guest has fallen and hit their head on your slippery deck, or even if someone has been stung by a bee.

Lifeguards are professionally trained first-aid administrators on top of being aware of life-saving skills such as how to save a drowning victim and CPR.

A Private Lifeguard knows how to enforce the rules without seeming rude, and knows how to keep a watchful eye on potentially overlooked accident-prone areas at the same time as making sure the child who is not the best swimmer doesn’t get too far out of their sight.

Private Lifeguards come to your home already fully equipped with a proper uniform, professional rescue tube, and first aid kit for any minor injuries that may occur. There is really nothing you have to worry about when you hire your Private Lifeguard other than how long you may need them for!

Although there is never any way to tell when something is going to happen, the phrase “it is better to be safe than sorry” comes to mind. For the small cost that it would take to hire a Private Lifeguard, you could be saving a child’s life.

Don’t think twice about your next pool party and hire a Private Lifeguard today!


Gipson, Kevin. “Pool and Spa Submersion Report: Estimated Injuries and Reported Fatalities, 2009 Report.” May 2009. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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