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Swimming Lessons

1. Where are you located? ⁃ We do not have an actual facility. We give private in-home swimming lessons exclusively, which means we go to your home. For a list of all the cities we cover, click here.

2. Do I need a pool? ⁃ You need to provide the pool, but it doesn’t have to be at your home. If you have a friend or family member who will let you use their pool, that is perfectly fine and very common.

3. How much do the lessons cost? ⁃ Prices vary depending on the package. To get a detailed list of packages and prices, click here.

4. When are the lessons? ⁃ Short answer: whenever you want them to be. You choose the dates and times, as well as the frequency of the lessons and arrange your schedule with your personal instructor. Lessons are offered year-round.

5. How do I sign up? ⁃ Registration is a simple online process. Simply click on this link and follow the simple instructions to register for lessons.

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Private Lifeguarding

1. How do I sign up for a private lifeguard? ⁃ Online registration is simple. Just click here to be taken to the registration page and fill out our online form. We will confirm your reservation and give you all the details.

2. Do I need to have anything for the lifeguard to use? ⁃ No, our lifeguards arrive with all the necessary gear, including a safety buoy and a first-aid kit.

3. How much does it cost? ⁃ There is a two hour minimum, at $60 for the first two hours. Each additional hour is $25.

4. What are your lifeguarding rules? ⁃ To read a list of rules that our lifeguards will enforce, please click here.

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Aquatic Fitness Training

1. What does this mean? How is it different from swimming lessons? ⁃ Aquatic fitness training is more than just swimming lessons. It can mean anything from water aerobics, to water polo training, to triathlon training. It's different from pure swimming lessons because, 1. it may not even involve learning how to swim, like in the case of water aerobics, and 2. it focuses more on teaching people how to use their current swim skills for a great workout, rather than just learning the moves.

2. Do I need to know how to swim already? ⁃ No. There are many ways to get a great total body workout in the water without knowing how to do formal swim strokes. Of course, if you want to learn how to swim, that can be included in your training.

3. How much does the training cost? ⁃ Prices are equal to that of a personal trainer ($40-60/hour) and can vary depending on the number of hours or type of training required. Speak with your personal instructor to develop a training plan and a price that suits your needs best.

4. How do I sign up? ⁃ Registration is a simple online process. Simply click on this link and follow the simple instructions to register for lessons.

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Working for Us

1. Is YourSwimmingSpace.com currently hiring for Swimming Instructors and Lifeguards? ⁃ We are always accepting applications from qualified and experienced Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards. You must have a current Red Cross Certification in either Water Safety Instruction (for our swim instructors) or Lifeguarding and CPR/AED. You also must have a valid driver's license and car insurance.

2. Does it cost anything? ⁃ If you are hired as an independent contractor, you will be responsible for supplying your own materials for the lessons. We will give you a list of items, such as a swim suit, a kickboard, pingpong balls, etc. that you will need to have. The total cost for these items is minimal and you most likely have many of them already. We will be providing you with your own business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials as well as giving you a profile on our website.

3. How do I apply? ⁃ Follow this link to the online application. Follow this link to the online application. If you are considered qualified, and live in an area in which we are still looking for instructors, someone will contact you to begin the hiring process.

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Private swimming lessons at home

Here are some real testimonials from past clients:

Christine writes,"I couldn't have asked for a better swim teacher for my son. My instructor was low-key, always positive and made my son feel comfortable even with his fear of the water. I recommend her highly.”

Sandy writes,“I was extremely pleased with the level of expertise by the instructor. My granddaughter is somewhat timid in the water and doesn't like to try new things. Our instructor was encouraging, knowledgeable and persistent. She got my granddaughter to try things I was amazed at. She is certainly an exceptional swimming instructor, especially for children.”

Shanna writes, “YourSwimmingSpace.com was great! They are very well prepared and professional! Well worth the money!”

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