Take Your Swimming to the Next Level

At YourSwimmingSpace.com, whether you're just learning how to swim, or you're an old pro looking to fine-tune your stroke, you'll find just what you need to take your swimming to the next level.

Whatever YOU need, we can provide, including information and advice on:

  • The benefits of swimming
  • Swimming strokes and technique
  • How to create your own swimming fitness routine
  • How to transition from fitness to competitive swimming
  • Swimming safety
  • Advice and reviews on swimming gear and accessories
  • and Much More!

If you want to learn how to swim, we've got you covered. YourSwimmingSpace.com is the place to find a certified, experienced swim instructor right in your area.

We provide:

  • Private in-home swimming lessons to ALL ages and skill levels
  • Fitness consultations to help you design a customized aquatic fitness routine
  • Private lifeguards for pool parties and other water-related activities

YourSwimmingSpace.com is designed with YOU in mind, to help you take full advantage of this wonderful sport. So... let's get swimming!

Private Swimming Lessons
Club Dorados Summer Aquatics specializes in private swimming lessons in your home, bringing the most highly trained and experienced swim instructors right to your door.
Private Lifeguard Service
Relax at your own pool party knowing that a certified lifeguard is watching your children.
Our Locations: Private Swimming Lessons in South Florida
We currently offer private swimming lessons throughout the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, parts of Palm Beach County and North Miami. Check out our list of locations to search for YOUR city.
Registration Central
Registration forms for all our services in one location, private swimming lessons, private lifeguard services, and fitness consultations
Benefits of Swimming
Learn all about the benefits of swimming: health, fitness, cardiovascular and why swimming is the best exercise for people with injuries or other health problems.
Mythbusters-Pool Edition: Common Swimming Myths Exposed
Check out our collection of some of the most common swimming myths floating around the pool these days and help us as we try to uncover the truth.
Swimming Safety
Swimming safety tips for your home pool, spa, the beach, the waterpark and much more.
Swimming Questions
Ask Your Swimming Coach all your swimming questions and get solid answers from a real coach and experienced swimmer.
Swimming Gear
Descriptions, explanations and recommendations of all the latest swimming gear, equipment and accessories.
Your Swimming Blog
For the latest updates and information about YourSwimmingSpace.com, subscribe to Your Swimming Blog.
Swimming News
All your swimming news, up-to-date, relevant, and placed right at your fingertips.
Contact Us
Contact us with any comments or questions. We would love to hear from you.
Some of the most frequently asked questions, FAQs, from our clients and readers.
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Customer Testimonials
Customer testimonials and reviews about our private swimming lessons
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